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was founded by Paul Hields, the President and Owner of Sportube products, the World's #1 Hard Sided Ski, Snowboard and Fishing Travel Cases. He's been in the biz for 25+ years and knows how to design (and use) great products. Paul has been a passionate biker since he could first pedal around as a kid and continued throughout his life into road biking, mountain biking, and now; Vintage eCruisers.

Paul and his wife, Margo, bike religiously together in Colorado, Michigan, and even Europe, however, because of health issues (Margo had a heart transplant 25 years ago), she was never able to keep up! This is when Paul realized the beauty of the e-bike; it has not only helped Margo continue to bike with him but it has allowed them to run simple errands or go grab a beer in style without having to drive their car! Which brings us to the founding and future of Wildsyde
, the Vintage eCruisers.

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