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Tips on using'Rack Mounted/Double Haul' Fly Rod Case

This tips sheet will help you become familiar with the use of your case and recommendations for ideal mounting to your vehicle.

Reel Housing

Foam can be customized for larger reels by cutting away the foam with a long blade from a utility knife. Watch your fingers!

The hinge on the door is a friction hinge. The action of the door can be tightened or loosened by turning the center screw on the top of the hinge.

We suggest using some Locktite or Thread Locker on the carriage bolt, otherwise it can have a tendency to loosen with vibrations.

Removing Rods

When removing rods and reels you may experience a slight catch or snag. This is the line guide catching on the inner lip of the male section of tube. While we do chamfer this lip it is impossible to eliminate it entirely. Don’t tug at the rod! Simply reduce the tension on the rod, lowering it slightly and continue to remove. Sometimes applying a little downward pressure on the rod handle helps keep the guides from catching.

If using the case with two rods make sure that you don’t catch the line guides on the guides of the other rod by turning the 2nd rod toward the outside of the case.

Inserting Rods

Once again, when using the Double Haul with two rods, be aware of the 2nd rod. Ensure that the rod is in its half of the case. If not, it is possible that the tip of the rod you are inserting could poke through a line guide of the one already in there.

Roof Rack Mounting/Spacing

The suggested distance between the front roof rack bar and the rear bar is at least 4’ 6”. While less can work, it can allow the front of the Double Haul to go un-supported and it will have a tendency to bow. Therefore, in most circumstances we recommend the use of a Case Support Bar to help support the front of the case.

Case Support Bar

Available in two models. Both are adjustable in height simply by cutting the “T” pillar to the required height. We offer a model with a magnetic and Vacuum-on-demand base; the foot print is approximately 6”X6” and of course will only work on Steel surfaces. Alternatively, we have a Vacuum base, with a 4” diameter footprint for tight areas or non steel surfaces.

Rack Clamps & Brackets

Nylon impregnated injection molded plastic makes for a very strong, durable and weather resistant part and therefore can be left on the vehicle permanently, as can the case itself. We do, however, suggest that when using the mounts without the Double Haul in place, keeping the latches for the clamps closed and preferably locked closed. Vibrations & wind could open the latch, allowing the top clamp section to detach itself.

Roof Bar Leveling

On most vehicles the rear roof rack bar is lower than the front bar which therefore does not allow the double haul to sit straight and may actually force a bow into the tube. We highly recommend taking a few minutes during mounting to level the rear brackets by adding a shim between the top of the rear bar and the bottom of the bracket. We suggested using a ”3/4” piece of foam, wood or metal. A folded large rubber band works as well. This makes the rear clamp in-line and level with the front clamp, thus allowing the case to sit straight.

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