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Nightmare on Rental Street.

Renting skis & boards may seem like an easy way to avoid the airline fees and save money on shipping your gear... but do you remember your last rental experience?

Before you decide to rent your gear this winter season, please keep in mind:

  • You have to find a GOOD shop from which you want to rent and then hope they are open, when you want to rent.
  • It's a powder day and you have to stand in line to get your gear.
  • Fill out this form and wait...
  • Explain to the kid behind the counter how you ski or board and hope he knows enough to match you to the right equipment.
  • Wait while he adjusts the bindings... hopefully correctly! These are your knees we're talking about!
  • Remember poles.
  • Stand in line to pay for your rentals $40-80 per day, now that adds up!
  • Then start to enjoy the powder afternoon, assuming the gear is right for you and tuned well; the bindings are adjusted properly and you like them.
  • And then you have to return them... make sure you're there when the shop is open... stand in line... well you get the idea!