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Situated in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Sportube has been a leading manufacturer of hard-sided ski and snowboard travel cases and travel accessories since 1995. Manufactured in the USA using high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Sportube hard cases are strong, durable, lightweight and sure to stand up to any challenge. With over 20 years of experience in providing travel solutions, Sportube has implemented their valuable knowledge and introduced a line of specially designed soft ski bags and padded gear and boot bags. Sportube is committed to offering products with the best protection available, which is why Sportube soft ski bags are not only padded, but offer GearShield Technology: a hard plastic sheath of HDPE that protects the tips and tails of your skis while in transit. Unlike the competition, Sportube gear and boot bags are padded to offer unmatched protection when checking your gear at the airport. With peace of mind for your gear’s safety, don’t make your first stop on vacation be the baggage claim office.

Series 1 Sportube
Our smallest and lightest case, the Series 1 is designed to protect ONE pair of Alpine skis and poles OR TWO pair of Nordic/Skate/XC skis and poles. With interior dimensions of 168mm x 140mm and a length adjustable up to 212cm, the Series 1 case can protect just about any ski and binding setup you can throw at it, including your race skis and your fat powder skis.
  • 6 5/8"w X 5 1/2"d (168mm x 140mm)
  • Adjustable in length from 48" to 83" (122cm to 212cm)
  • Weighs 8lbs (3.62kg)

Series 2 Sportube
The Series 2 Sportube is the perfect case for traveling with your front side and back side skis. Or if you are traveling with someone, you can both bring your favorite pair of skis and poles and only have to transport one Sportube to your destination, making traveling even easier.
  • Designed to hold TWO pair of Alpine Skis and poles OR FOUR pair of Nordic/Skate/XC skis and poles
  • 11"w X 6"d (280mm x 152mm)
  • Adjustable in length from 48" to 83" (122cm to 212cm)
  • Weighs 12lbs (5.45kg)
Series 3 Sportube
Our Series 3 Sportube is our most versatile Sportube case. With several options and combinations of snowboards and/or skis, you are sure to fit just about everything your traveling with in the Series 3. The only restriction to keep in mind with the Series 3's is their max length is 72" or 183cm. Originally designed as a case for up to TWO snowboards with boots and bindings, it was made a bit shorter than what is necessary for some skis out there. If you strictly transporting skis and need a longer option, the Series 2 Sportube is the way to go.
You can get 3 pair of adult skis in the Series 3 Sportube. With a little creative packaging we've been able to get FOUR pair in, as long as two of the pair are children size skis.

  • Designed to protect up to TWO snowboards with binding and boots
  • OR (with creative packing) ONE snowboard with boots and ONE pair of skis and poles together
  • OR up to FOUR pair of skis and poles (TWO adult pair and TWO kids pair of skis)
  • OR TWO pair of skis and poles and boots
  • Great for a family case
  • 14 1/2"W x 7 7/8"D (368mm x 200mm)
  • Adjustable in length from 42" to 72" (107cm to 183cm)
  • Weighs 14lbs (6.35kg)