Sportube About Us
Meet Sportube

Having worked in the retail ski industry for so long, Sportube's founder, Paul Hields, saw first hand how many ski and snowboards got damaged when traveling and thus Sportube was born. 

Launching in 1996 with the Series 1 and the Series 2 hard cases with wheels, it proved successful and then came the highly requested Series 3 snowboard case in 1998. Since, Sportube has expanded into soft luggage to compliment their tried and tested hard cases. Sportube is now your 1 stop shop for all your travel needs to protect your gear!

Since launch, Sportube has expanded past the ski industry into spear and dive, fishing, hunting, sailing, fencing, water ski and so much more as our cases and bags are quite versatile and can be used many ways.

Headquarters is located high in the Rockies, in Avon, Colorado. Our hard cases are manufactured in Sturgis, Michigan.

Meet the Team

Paul Hields

President and Owner

Paul started Sportube back in the 90s when he saw a huge need for protective equipment for his skis as he has been working in the ski industry for many years. When Paul is not in the office or starting a new business *cough cough his new company Wildsyde eCruisers*, you can usually catch him out biking, skiing, or up in Michigan with his wife, Margo.

Liz Downs
Dealer/Customer Support & Business Operations

Liz manages our dealer and customer relationships, business operations, and marketing. Liz is 
happiest when she is mountain biking, snowboarding, climbing or spending time with loved ones!

Luisa Jaeger

Operations Manager & Customer Support

Luisa handles all things operations and assists with sales, customer support, or wherever help is needed. After college, she returned to Colorado’s mountains and to all the activities they have to offer—skiing, biking, paddling, camping—the possibilities are endless! When she isn’t answering phones or responding to emails, you’ll find her exploring new ways to enjoy the trails, slopes and rivers she calls home

Check Out our sister company, Wildsyde™ Electric Bikes

Wildsyde™ was founded by Paul Hields, the President and Owner of Sportube™ products. He's been in the biz for 25+ years and knows how to design (and use) great products. Paul has been a passionate biker since he could first pedal around as a kid and continued throughout his life into road biking, mountain biking, and now; Vintage eCruisers.

Paul and his wife, Margo, bike religiously together in Colorado, Michigan, and even Europe, however, because of health issues (Margo had a heart transplant 25 years ago), she was never able to keep up! This is when Paul realized the beauty of the e-bike; it has not only helped Margo continue to bike with him but it has allowed them to run simple errands or go grab a beer in style without having to drive their car! Which brings us to the founding and future of Wildsyde™, the Vintage eCruisers.

Head to the website now and Take a Ride on the Wildsyde™!