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Series 3 Sportube

The Series 3 Sportube is the ultimate Snowboard Case. Designed to hold up to two snowboards with boots and bindings, this is the case you need to get your gear to the mountains.

If you only need to transport and protect one snowboard and boots and bindings, use the rest of the space in the Sportube for your gear, such as your clothes, goggles, accessories, or whatever you can fit. That will save you room in your other luggage and hopefully save from a checked baggage fee.

As our most versatile case, you can also use it to fit one snowboard with boots and bindings and one pair of Alpine or XC skis. This may take a little bit of creative packaging. But if you have a snowboarder and a skier in the family, this is the only case we offer that will accommodate both sets of gear.

Possible Series 3 Sportube configurations:
  • TWO snowboards with boots and bindings
  • ONE snowboard and one pair of alpine or XC Skis
  • ONE snowboard with room for clothes and extra gear
  • Up To 5 or 6 snowboards if w/o boots and with bindings removed

Series 3 Snowboard Case / Bag

  • 14 1/2"W x 7 7/8"D (368mm x 200mm)
  • Adjustable in length from 42" to 72" (107cm to 183cm)
  • Weighs 14lbs (6.35kg)
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Series 3 Special Edition

The Special Edition Series 3 Sportube comes with two of our most popular accessories, the TSA Lock and Nik Nac Pac. Additionally, you also receive limited Lifetime Warranty, versus the 5 year warranty we offer on our original black/blaze Sportubes.

MSRP: 269.95

Series 3 Snowboard Case

Our biggest and most versatile case, the Series 3 Sportube Snowboard Case is the go to case for trips with family and friends when you want to consolidate your gear into one Sportube. Originally designed to hold two snowboards with boots and bindings, our customers find new uses for the Series 3 everyday. Hard plastic shell protects your equipment whether traveling by plane, train, automobile or shipping via FedEx / UPS. Sportube cases are lightweight while being strong and durable.

MSRP: 229.95

Sportube Ski Shield 2 Padded Wheeled Ski Bag Gear Shield Technology Wheels Two Pair Airline Check In Ski Shield 2

Double it up with the Ski Shield™ Double Ski Bag. Fully padded, with in line skate wheels and a comfortable pull handle, this bag will take the hassle out of your travels. Extra protective Gear Shield™ technology guards your skis at both the tip and tail using hard plastic ends wrapped in foam padding. Tons of features and high quality materials make traveling with your gear easy and worry free. Take the sag out of your bag with the rigid Ski Shield™ double.

MSRP: 229.95

Sportube Cabin Cruiser Wheeled Padded Carry On Gear and Boot Bag Cabin Cruiser

The Cabin Cruiser™ is a wheeled carry-on boot bag. At 35 liters, the Cabin Cruiser™ meets airline carry-on requirements, while still being large enough to hold your pants, jacket, helmet, boots, goggles and other gear. A fully padded boot compartment keeps your boots protected while traveling. Convenient collapsible pull handle and wheels make pulling your gear through the airport, effortless.

MSRP: 179.95

Freerider Padded Gear and Boot Bag

The Sportube® Freerider™ padded gear and boot bag is a larger capacity boot bag (70 liters). The extra-large central compartment can easily handle all of your gear including clothing, gloves, helmet, goggles and much more. Two pair of boots is not out of the question. The padded side boot compartments keep your boots and buckles protected. Contoured, hideaway shoulder straps, load straps and padded back make for a comfortable carry to your destination.

MSRP: 149.95

Overheader Padded Gear and Boot Backpack

The Sportube® Overheader™ padded gear and boot backpack is a perfect carry-on boot bag. At 48 liters, the Overheader™ meets airline carry-on requirements and is large enough to carry your boots, helmet, clothing and gear needed for a day on the mountain. Contoured shoulder straps, load straps, chest strap and backpack design give you the most comfortable fitting boot bag available. Padding surrounds your boots ensuring superior boot protection.

MSRP: 139.95