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Tips from SPORTUBE on packaging, labeling and shipping your gear.

  • Call your vacation destination and verify their shipping address and that they accept packages for guests. If your package arrives before you make sure that they will hold it in a secure place until your arrival.
  • If you are staying in a privately owned condo, home, etc. where there is no central office for deliveries we highly suggest shipping your SPORTUBE with a required signature delivery. This way, if your package does arrive before you it will not be left unattended at your doorstep. Alternatively, you can call a local ski shop and ask if you can ship it there. No doubt they could tune them for you so they are ready for the current snow conditions.
  • Pack your SPORTUBE. Once all of your items are inside securely lock your tube. Make sure your lock passes through the holes on both sleeves of your tube. Our TSA Combination Lock is a great option for locking your tube while shipping. If shipping to a shop, call them with the number so they can open the Sportube to tune your skis.
  • Once your SPORTUBE is packed and securely locked, to make processing your shipment easier, have the weight and dimensions (length, width and height) ready before you call/go online to process your shipment.
  • Process your shipment online or by calling your preferred carrier. You will also be able to schedule a pickup for your home or office at this point. (You may always drop your Sportube off at local shipping hub if that is more convenient as well.) Please Note: some carriers/ services may require a day or two lead time to schedule a pick-up.
  • After your shipment has been processed you will be able to print out your shipping label or the carrier will bring them when they pickup your SPORTUBE. Make sure you keep an additional label as your copy or record your tracking number so that you can track your SPORTUBE. Take an address label with you so you are prepared for the return shipping.
  • Though your carrier should provide the actual shipping label we highly recommend that you legibly and durably label your tube with the: name, address and ZIP code of both the sender and recipient. Secure both labels using any pressure-sensitive tape. Alternatively, the tie-on tag provided by all couriers for air bills or for labels may be used. If possible, also place identification inside your SPORTUBE.
  • All items must be packaged securely in your SPORTUBE.
  • Customize your SPORTUBE with stickers or other decor.
  • Remove all handles and straps from your SPORTUBE before shipping.
  • Pack jackets, ski pants, clothing and accessories in your SPORTUBE to save room in your other luggage.
  • Please Note: additional charges may apply for extra long or extra wide packages that may be considered 'oversized'.
  • If you do not want to use FedEx or UPS, we recommend using ShipSkis