Sportube Mission: Engineer durable, timeless, protective travel solutions for ski, snowboard, fishing and outdoor gear.

What our customers say...

“I was pleased to find that the backpack was of high-quality, from the material used down to the zippers. I also liked the overall look of the backpack. I will be using it for many years to come.”

Charles, White,NY referring to the Overheader Gear and Boot Bag

"I purchased the Freerider Gear & Boot Bag in the black & orange color for an upcoming ski trip where I needed an over sized bag to hold my boots and a weekend’s worth of clothes. The quality of the bag is superior compared to other boot bags I checked out prior to buying this one; it was definitely large enough to carry a long weekend’s worth of gear and clothing. I’m pleased overall with my purchase and would recommend it to others"

Ms. Ski Lady,IA

Functionality and ease at it's BEST..."

Frank, Ventre, NH

“I bought the double ski carrier about 10 years ago. We use it to go out west one week a year. Thanks for making a quality product that quietly goes about its business flawlessly. It’s getting rare to have something that is made in the USA and has quality and integrity"

Ron, Rome, WI

“I just used my Sportube to take my skis on a European trip and it worked great! Very easy to use and protected my skis wonderfully”
Karen, Alexandria, VA

“Congratulations on your quality product! I recently returned from a ski trip to find my double ski tube crushed like a beer can at baggage claim. It looked like a fork-lift had run over it. I through I would find two pairs of new skis ($2000 in equipment) in pieces. However, there wasn’t even a scratch! The airline replaced the tube, but I would have gladly purchased another one. It’s always refreshing to know I can trust the quality of my equipment”
Andrew via email

“Great product. I just traveled to Colorado where I’m doing a week of business and then a week of skiing, so I had a lot of gear with me (36” duffle, computer case and the Sportube). I managed to easily maneuver through the airports thanks to the ease with which the Sportube makes transporting skis.”
Stephen, Tucson AZ.

“Your product and our skis/poles survived after hitting the highway at 65 mph.”
John, Los Angeles, CA.

“….incidentally, the carrier worked extremely efficiently in allowing us to safely and efficiently transport our skis to Colorado for the return trip to Rhode Island..”
Alan, Providence, RI

“The Sportube was not strapped down to the rack properly and it came off at 60 mph and AMAZINGLY survived with very little damage. I want to congratulate you on an excellent product.”
Glen, San Francisco, CA

"Prior to the start of this year’s ski season, my wife and I purchased single Sportubes to protect our skis. We returned from a ski vacation in Italy, and when I collected our baggage I was dismayed to find that either the Italian or English handlers had exercised their usual care! It looked as though my Sportube had been run over; the end of the handle section is badly dented, scraped and had been punctured. Fortunately, as expected, the Sportube had done its job and my skis are undamaged. I dread to think what would have happened to them in a regular bag!

Neil via email

“I recently purchased a 1 ski Sportube and I am extremely pleased with it. It certainly takes the worry out of airline travel and is very easy to use. Last year on a ski trip the airline I used completely wrecked my brand new skis. It took me 3 months of constant phone calls to receive my settlement. Sportube is the answer to my prayers”
Colin via email

Please note: Responses have been edited for clarity and length